Music for Theater

Some of Khell’s music for theater

Hostage of the Body (2023)
Based on “Hostage of the Body ” by Fadi Abu Shaqra
Village Theater – Tamra
Directed and written By : Radi Shehadeh

Moussa & Hassan (2022)
Directed by: Salim Daw
Written By: Adnan Tarabshi

My grandfather’s closet (for children) – 2016
Directed by Radi Shehadeh; Assera theater

The Magic Bag (for children) – 2015
Directed by Radi Shehadeh; Assera thater

Aweeha (music arrangement) – 2009
Meelad and Meeladeh were attending a puppet festival in Al-Hakawati Theatre. They were fascinated by puppets but also they fell in love with each other. They got married and they became puppeteers.
Directed By; Radi Shehadeh; Asseera theater

Ali Baba – 2006
Mawwal dancing group
Directed by: Moeen Shamshoum

SahSah (for children) – 2006
Black theater;
Directed by Radi Shehadeh

Aunt Reem 2005
Puppet theater by: Abeer Haddad,
In 2005, Khell received “Best Music Work” award for the play from
International Children’s Theatre Festival

Antart Abla – 2003
A Story about blacks and whites
Directed By; Radi Shehadeh; Asseera theater

Furcht und Elend des Dritten Reiches (Fear and Misery of the Third Reich) – 2002
Translated and directed by: Riad Masarwi; Almidan Theater

The Room – 2001
Jbeneh theatre, Monodrama: Mahmoud Qadah

Bab El Shams (A Mondrama) – 2000
Actor : Makram Khouri; Director : Najib Ghallale; Alkasaba theater

Abu Marmar ( A Mondrama ) – 2000
Actor : Muhammed Bakri; Sonography : Khaled Hourani; Artistic Director : Abed Al Jubeh; Alkasaba theater

The House of Bernarda Alba – 2000
Directed by: Mounir Bakri; Almidan theater

Abu Marmar ( A Mondrama ) – 2000
A wider view through the prisoner’s iron bars, as he looks down upon a space which gets wider & narrower each time he yearned to life.
Field research and script by : Muhammed Bakri and Khaled Hourani
Actor : Muhammed Bakri; Sinogrophy : Khaled Hourani; Artistic Director : Abed Al Jubeh

Ululation of the land – 1999
Written by: Suheil Abu Nuwara, Directed by: Mazen Ghattas; Almidan Theatre

Delitto all’isola delle capre (Crime on Goat-Island) 1999
Directed by: Mazen Ghattas; Almidan Theater

Abeir File No.96/63 – 1999
A play based on the novel “The Collector” by the British author John Fowles
Director: Fouad Awad; Almidan theater

The Immigrant – 1999
Written by :George Ibrahim; Directed by : Muhammed Khomais;
Alkasaba theater

Hishek Bishek – 1999
A comedy play that urges creativity and invention
Directed By: Radi Shehadeh; Assera theater

The Magician and The Hakawati – 1999
The famous Arab philosopher and doctor, Ibn Sina, returns to life from old history with the help of the storyteller, known as the Hakawati
Directed By: Radi Shehadeh

Le Montrer 1998
Written by Andrée Chedid; Dircted by: Fouad Awad; Almidan theater

Fuentojofina – 1998
Written by : Lupeh De Viga; Directed by : Emilio Hernandez; Spanish co-production Alkasaba with CAT theater

Wash your face, moon – 1997
By: Antwan Shammas

Sharshar (for children) 1997
Directed by Radi Shehadeh

Heasa (for children) 1996
Directed by Radi Shehadeh; Assera thater

Little Red Riding Hood 1995 (A musical for children)
Written & Directed by : George Ibrahim
Alkasaba theater

The King is the King – 1995
Director: Makram Khouri
“Arabic theater” opening event

Asseeleh – 1995
A visual play, which enriches the senses with all theatrical tricks and effects
Directed By: Radi Shehadeh

Jaber’s Head – 1989
Director: Fouad Awad
In 1989, the team received “Best Theatrical Work” award for the play from Acre Theatre Festival

The wild cat 1987
Directed by: Salim Daw
Children’s theater – Haifa

Alice in Wonderland (for children)
Jbeneh theatre, Haifa

Don Quixote (for children)
Jbeneh theatre, Haifa

Mirrors Theater
Directed by: Akram Khouri

Mirrors theater
Directed by: Riad Masarwi

Muthaffar Abd al-Majid al-Nawab
Directed by: Riad Masarwi; Maraya theater

Colors of Nounu (for children)
Operated and played by actors with hearing disabilities