Stable of Christmas

Composition & Lyrics: Bishara Khell
Performance: Albaath Choir
Music & Video production: VSTLive

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“Alribat” song is now available for streaming on most major platforms.

Albaath Choir
Lyrics: Mahmoud Darwish
Music : Bishara Khell

Deeply grateful to Mahmoud Darwish Foundation, the rightful copyright holder of the poems by the late Mahmoud Darwish, for granting the permission to use his profound verses as the lyrical foundation for the latest song, “Alribat” from the collection, “Awraq Alzaytoun”.

Cover art for Alribat
Albaath Coir Performs Alribat 2023


A Trio for violin, cello and piano.
It was originally written in 2019. the piece is dedicate to Trio Sabbara (Jerusalem, Palestine).

Trio Sabbara: Khoulud Sabbara, piano; Habib Sabbara, violin; and Yasmeen Sabbara, violoncello; at BYU campus, Magnificate Institute, Jerusalem

The Snow Globe

A Christmas musical and dance show for children.
Music: Bishara Khell
Performance: VSTLive virtual orchestra
Main Singers: Woroud Jubran, Hiba Bathish,
Director: Rasha Jahshan

The snow globe Dec, 2022 – Nazareth